A warehouse worker has a work-related accident and is lying on the ground with possible injuries. Coworkers call for help and medical assistance in Springfield, IL.

What Are the Top 10 Causes of Workplace Injuries?

At Berg & Robeson PC, we want to help people who have been injured on the job and get them the compensation they deserve. We also have your best interests at heart and want to help you avoid common workplace injuries whenever possible. Here are the top 10 causes of workplace injuries to help you stay safe while on the job.

Slips and Trips

There are several workplace areas where slips and falls are common because of the use of liquid and the possibility of them being spilled. Workers should take care of office kitchens, break rooms, and any spaces with linoleum, hardwood, and tile flooring, as those can be potentially hazardous after being mopped or waxed. Trips are also possible in poorly lit rooms or hallways where vision is compromised. In addition, items left out, loose carpets, or extension cords that aren’t properly taped down could become tripping hazards.

Falling Object Injuries

Tall pieces of furniture like bookcases and shelves need to be securely anchored. If they are not, a disturbance or an earthquake could dislodge objects and lead to injury if they fall on top of someone. In addition, workers should be cautious around heavy objects or anything suspended from the walls or ceiling.


It is common for workers to unknowingly overexert themselves while on the job, especially if their work involves lifting heavy things. For example, many have pulled muscles or back injuries resulting from picking up something too heavy for one person, in conjunction with not bending the legs or holding a heavy object over the shoulders.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Some people may not consider repetitive motions dangerous, but they can also cause injuries. For example, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is common among workers who engage in repetitive activities that put pressure on the nerves of their wrists, causing numbness and pain throughout their hands. This happens frequently with typists/office workers.

Hazardous Material Accidents

For employees whose jobs require them to handle or be around hazardous materials, protective clothing, gloves, and eyewear need to be mandatory to keep them safe. This is especially important when working with toxic waste and chemicals. Mistakes can result in explosions, burns, skin infections, respiratory illnesses, and blindness.

Transportation Accidents

Quite often, the leading cause of workplace injuries that were serious or fatal involved transportation accidents. This can include being struck by a work vehicle or experiencing a wreck in a work vehicle. Rail, flight, and water accidents are all included. Contact us if you’ve been involved in any transportation accident.


Minor collisions can happen in the workplace, like when turning a corner too fast or opening a door too quickly. However, even seemingly simple accidents can become serious if the person is older and more fragile. This makes them more susceptible to harm. Injuries are also more likely to happen if someone carries heavy/sharp objects or hot liquid.

Workplace Violence or Animal Injuries

Workplace violence can occur when workers fight amongst themselves or when spouses or former employees come into the building with harmful intentions. Because of these possibilities, managers must also be cautious of suspicious packages, phone threats, or security violations. In certain fields, like mail delivery or veterinary science, animal bites and scratches can cause injuries that may be significant or even fatal. Injuries caused by people or animals are often the second most common workplace injury scenario.

Physical and Mental Fatigue

Quite often in society, especially in America, people feel obligated to push themselves regarding their work. They don’t want to miss work even if they need to due to illness or mental strain. As a result, they push themselves beyond reasonable limits, resulting in physical and psychological exhaustion. This is a real concern because fatigue like this can lead to impaired judgment and slower reflexes, which will only cause more workplace accidents.

Stress-Related Injuries on the Job

Stress is a huge factor that causes many health problems, and stress in the workplace is no different. An employee’s mind may be too consumed with work-related stresses like job security, finances, pay cuts, overtime, intimidating bosses and coworkers, and overwhelming daily tasks. These don’t even include the stresses they feel in their personal lives, which they can’t help but bring to work. Stressors like these can cause distraction and increase the risk of workplace injuries, including heart attack and stroke.

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