Back & Neck Injuries

Workplace Back & Neck Injuries in Springfield, Illinois

Workplace back and neck injuries can be a very common occurrence at work, especially if you have a job that keeps you on your feet all day or involves heavy lifting. However, back and neck problems can happen with any job, and they are the most common reason why people have to miss work. From nerve damage and strained muscles to sciatica and herniated discs, they can all cause you to be temporarily disabled with pain. In some severe cases, the damage can even be permanent. When you experience back and neck pain, don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor, but make sure you also make a call to an attorney if you were injured in the workplace! Contact our office at Berg & Robeson PC in Springfield, IL today for a free consultation.

Back & Neck Injuries

There are many different types of back and neck injuries that should be taken seriously. With a herniated disc, you can experience pressure against your spinal nerves, which could cause significant pain and numbness throughout the body. A pinched nerve is similar and occurs when too much pressure is applied to a nerve, this time by cartilage, bone fragments, or tendons, causing pain, tingling, or numbness. Sometimes both these issues can go away with treatment, but other cases may require surgery. When you experience a neck or back sprain, it is likely from a fall or other accident and involves the muscles, tendons, or ligaments around the spine tearing. A spine fracture is rarer and more serious, usually the result of a significant accident. Seek immediate medical attention for any damage to your spine and call Berg & Robeson PC if it was a work-related accident.

Causes of Back & Neck Injuries

Causes of back and neck injuries while on the job include auto accidents, pedestrian accidents, and slip and fall injuries. Whether you’re in a car, truck, or motorcycle, if you experience a significant collision, you are likely to suffer back and neck pain from the violent jolt. This can cause stiffness, numbness, and substantial pain, depending on the severity of the injury. Pedestrians and bike riders are especially exposed and are more vulnerable to injury from a motor vehicle, as they have no safety belt or airbag to help protect them. Slips and falls occur often as well in the workplace due to a wet floor, an unsteady ladder, or dangerous stairs. Other causes include lifting heavy objects or operating dangerous machinery. Safety protocol should always be in place to protect workers. If you sustain injuries at work, seek compensation through Berg & Robeson PC.

How Can a Back or Neck Injury Impact Someone’s Life?

Enduring a significant neck or back injury can greatly impact someone’s life in many ways. One of the most important reasons to seek compensation through our legal office at Berg & Robeson PC is to get you financial support to help with the extensive and expensive medical bills. Depending on the severity of your injury, you could need multiple surgeries or continuous rehabilitation. You may need the assistance of a wheelchair, crutches, casts, or prosthetics, which can greatly impede how you move and function. In addition to physical pain and limitations, you may also endure emotional pain and stress, resulting in depression and anxiety. One accident can have an incredibly substantial effect on your entire life, so you should seek appropriate compensation to cope with all the difficulties you will face.

How Can Our Attorneys Build Your Case?

At Berg & Robeson PC, we have over 50 years of experience representing thousands of clients in their injury and disability cases. When you call us at 217.525.1917, you’ll receive a free case evaluation. After your initial consultation, one of our skilled attorneys will investigate the accident you experienced at your workplace and determine who is liable for your injury. Medical bills and other evidence will be collected, and interviews will be conducted as we build your case for compensation.

Allow us to take care of the legal side of this process. We have the experience and expertise needed to conduct a thorough investigation and represent you with exceptional professionalism and skill. You can trust Berg & Robeson in Springfield, IL to always prioritize your needs and get you the best settlement possible so you are fully supported throughout your recovery process.

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