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Construction Injury Attorneys & Work-Related Injuries in Springfield IL

Accidents and injuries can occur at any workplace or job site, although some settings are statistically more dangerous than others. If you work in the construction industry, you are likely placed in more consistently dangerous situations regularly. You could experience any number of injuries from falls and burns to electric shocks and accidents with tools or heavy machinery. Regardless of your work situation, you shouldn’t have to worry about incurring injuries in the workplace that put your safety and livelihood at risk. You need to protect yourself from this happening.

The best way to do that is to call our qualified attorneys at Berg & Robeson PC in Springfield, IL for appropriate legal services so we can represent you and get you the compensation you deserve for your construction injury.

Who is Responsible for a Construction Injury?

If you’ve suffered an unexpected and debilitating injury as a construction worker, you could be wondering who is responsible for your construction injury and how do you get fairly compensated? Let our expert attorneys at Berg & Robeson PC worry about those details. We’ll review your case to determine who is liable for your accident and we’ll fight to ensure you get the benefits and compensation you deserve to help you through your road to recovery. We will review the different parties involved with your construction site, including the owner of the site, contractors and sub-contractors, manufacturers, architects, and engineers.

The goal is not to cause more suffering, but to pinpoint why the accident happened in the first place and take appropriate measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again, thus protecting everyone involved.

Work-Related Construction Injuries

Many work-related construction injuries occur because of the numerous safety hazards on a construction site. They can be dangerous places because of the sharp tools, heavy machinery, heights, and exposed materials. As professional attorneys with over 50 years of experience seeing work-related construction injuries, we’ve seen many examples of what can happen when an accident occurs. Call us at Berg & Robeson PC to discuss your injury.

Common Causes of Construction Accidents

There are many common causes of construction accidents that should be considered when mapping out safety protocols for construction workers. Make sure your employers are doing all they can to anticipate these accidents and prevent them from happening. They need to be aware of all scenarios, including falling objects, harness failures, malfunctioning equipment, toxic substances, falls, fires, and electrical dangers. A lot of these tragic situations can be avoided through proper training and safety protocol, as well as adequate maintenance of all equipment, tools, and machinery.

If you have been injured in one of those scenarios, you should be entitled to appropriate compensation to help support you through your recovery process.

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Why Choose Berg & Robeson PC for Your Construction Injury Claim?

Of all the law firms available to you, why should you choose Berg & Robeson PC to represent you in your construction injury claim? We invite you to call us and ask that very question. We will strive to provide you with all the assurance you need to feel heard and supported through this difficult time. You can request a free case evaluation and we’ll discuss with you all the benefits you’ll experience by working with our team of expert attorneys. The choice is yours, but if you want professionals who represent exceptional skill, compassion, and experience, we suggest choosing our firm in Springfield, IL to represent you.

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