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Reasons Why Workers’ Compensation Claims Can Be Denied in Illinois

In most workers’ compensation cases, benefits are awarded to employees who have suffered workplace injuries. Your employer is required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for this very instance; however, that does not always mean they are willing to comply with paying out these benefits. If your compensation claims in Springfield, IL, have been denied, it’s important to contact an experienced legal team for assistance. Berg & Robeson PC is determined to help every client receive the compensation they deserve, especially when their workers’ compensation claims are denied.

Your Injury Took Place Outside Work Grounds

Workers’ compensation can only be paid to an individual who suffered an injury during work hours, off-site, or at the physical location of their workplace. One reason your insurance claim can be denied in Illinois is if there is no physical proof of you being at your worksite or working during your scheduled hours. Whether you were on the road and experienced a car accident due to a faulty work vehicle or were physically injured off-site during work hours, you are eligible for financial compensation. To prevent the denial of your claim, and to ensure all off-site workplace information is included in your claim, reach out to our team at Berg & Robeson PC to examine your application before submitting it to the state and your employer. 

Your Injury Wasn’t Reported in Time

Suppose you have suffered from an injury while on the job; you can legally take up to 45 after your injury to report it to your employer. It’s important to get the necessary medical evaluations and expenses reported to your employer within the 45-day time frame that allows benefits to be distributed. Your claim may be denied if you wait a significant amount of time after you were injured to report it to your employer. To ensure your claim is filed on time, contact Berg & Robeson PC in Springfield, IL, at 217.525.1917 to schedule a consultation. We will review your incident to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Your Employer Believes You Were At Fault

When filing a workers’ compensation claim, your employer can deny your claim if they believe it does not meet certain requirements. If you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol during your time of injury, your workers’ compensation claim could be rightfully denied with a refusal to pay for time off work. If you were not under the influence during your injury and believe your claim has been wrongfully denied, reach out to one of our attorneys at Berg & Robeson PC in Springfield, IL. We will take our time to review your case and help you receive rightful benefits to pay for your healing and time off work.

You Had a Preexisting Condition

Many employers that receive a workers’ compensation claim try and deny responsibility for the incident by stating that their employee had a preexisting condition. While this claim is often hard to prove, there is still a chance that you could be denied compensation if your employer’s statement is approved. At Berg & Robeson PC, we specialize in legal cases that involve workers’ compensation to give our clients honest representation and access to the compensation they deserve. If your claim has been denied in the Springfield, IL area, reach out to our team for legal assistance.

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