Repetitive Trauma

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When you’ve experienced repetitive trauma injuries at your workplace, you deserve to be compensated for the distress you’ve endured. Repetitive trauma is ongoing and can have lasting or even permanent effects on your life. If workplace injuries have left you unable to work and provide for yourself and your family or have required you to seek long-term care, you’re going to need excellent attorneys that will dedicate themselves to getting you the appropriate compensation. In the Springfield, IL area, Berg & Robeson PC is the law firm you can trust to handle your case. We have over 50 years of experience dealing with injury and disability cases and earning compensation for our valued clients. Let us represent you and help get your life back on track. The recovery process starts with a phone call to our firm.

What is Repetitive Trauma?

Repetitive trauma injuries are those that develop gradually over time as a result of repeated strain or trauma, instead of an isolated incident. These injuries can be referred to as repetitive trauma injuries (RTIs), repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), or overuse injuries. Regardless of the term used, these injuries come in a variety of forms and, depending on the severity, can be incredibly painful and debilitating to the victims and their families. Repetitive motions can damage your body over time and can appear as inflammation, nerve pain, muscle strain, tissue damage, and more. These injuries can affect anyone at any job and can cause years of pain if not addressed and treated properly. Sometimes it can be difficult to prove that the repetitive trauma injury was caused by a work-related task, which is why you need Berg & Robeson PC in your corner. Our attorneys will be completely committed to getting you all the benefits you deserve.

Types of Repetitive Traumas

A repetitive trauma injury describes an injury that is caused by repeating a specific task or action over and over and sustaining some kind of harm because of it. A high number of repetitive trauma injuries are caused by a repeated task that is done at work. If you have suffered an injury while on the job, this allows you to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Make yourself aware of the different types of repetitive trauma injuries and see if your difficulty could be covered.

Repetitive Stress Injury Symptoms

As a worker, especially if you have a physically active and demanding job, you need to pay attention to your body and the symptoms you might be experiencing. The repetitive stress injury may not have symptoms that are obvious within the first few days, weeks, or months. Monitor your condition and make note of any developing aches and pains. Those are repetitive stress injury symptoms. Others include tenderness, throbbing sensations, numbness, tingling, loss of strength and coordination, and a reduction in movement or flexibility. Don’t ignore these symptoms, as they can quickly worsen.

See a doctor if you are concerned and after you receive a professional diagnosis, call us at Berg & Robeson PC to handle your case. Repetitive stress injuries can quickly interfere with your everyday life and even prevent you from maintaining your job. If you lose work and gain medical bills, you’re going to need adequate compensation while you heal. That’s where our expert attorneys come in with their services.

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