• Our Expert Legal Team Will Fight for the Social Security Insurance Disability You Deserve

    Suffering from an injury is, at the very least, a disruption to your daily life. If these injuries result in either a permanent disability, the effects can be far more devastating and long-lasting. Having a disability could potentially cause you to be unable to work, threatening your ability to care for yourself and your family. If you have become disabled due to work or personal injury, you can collect SSI disability benefits through the federal government. The process, however, can be challenging and, without the proper assistance, could end in claim denial or an insufficient amount of compensation.

    With over 50 years of experience in handling personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, including ones involving disability, our attorneys at Berg & Robeson can help you ensure your claim is accepted and successful. Don’t attempt to fight your way through this daunting process on your own – call for a free SSI disability case evaluation today and get the help you need!

    What Exactly Is SSI Disability & What Does it Cover?

    SSI disability or Social Security Insurance Disability is a federal program designed to provide monthly benefits to individuals who become permanently disabled and are unable to work. There are certain requirements for individuals seeking SSI disability, that’s why our attorneys at Berg & Robeson are here to help along the way. Whether you need help filling out the disability application or have been denied and are looking to appeal, Berg & Robeson has over 50 years of experience in helping SSI disability clients receive the compensation they deserve. If you are wondering whether or not you or a loved one qualifies for SSI disability, common injuries or conditions that are covered include:

  • • Growth Impairments
    • Vision Disorders
    • Musculoskeletal Disorders
    • Balance & Hearing Disorders

  • • Breathing Disorders
    • Hearing Disorders
    • Heart & Blood Vessel Diseases

  • • Digestive System Diseases
    • Kidney Diseases
    • Blood & Lymphatic Diseases

  • Understanding Your SSI Disability Claim & the Application or Appeal Processes

    For most individuals, understanding the appropriate method of application or appeal for a disability insurance claim is rather difficult. Insurance companies count on clients not knowing the correct information or how to properly submit an application in hopes of denying a claim and avoid paying you your entitled compensation. If you’re suffering from a permanent or temporary disability due to injury, our attorneys at Berg & Robeson in Springfield, IL know that you have enough to worry about without unnecessary issues from insurance companies. For this reason, Berg & Robeson is prepared to fight on your behalf and protect your interests.

    Our attorneys understand the SSI disability claim process and can hold insurance companies accountable while protecting your rights. You may find that your coverage is less than expected or may have your claim denied outright, in which case an appeal will be necessary. Experienced representation, like the kind you’ll get from Springfield, IL’s top attorneys at Berg & Robeson, can help you navigate the appeals process and provide essential support to you and your family. Don’t fight this process on your own – increase your odds of success by enlisting our team of attorneys!

  • When You Need an SSI Disability Attorney for Your Case

    While you are legally not required to have an SSI disability attorney to file your social security claim, over 70% of individuals that apply on their own are denied for a variety of reasons. When this happens, it is always recommended to obtain the services of an SSI disability attorney to assist in the appeal process. We guarantee that our legal services at Berg & Robeson will help you get the disability compensation you need while unable to work. Here are a few tips on when you should seek out an SSI disability attorney:

  • • When applying for SSI disability.
    • When looking to follow up on the application process.
    • When resubmitting a denied claim.

  • • When resubmitting medical evidence.
    • When testimony is needed in a court case.
    • If your financial situation is dire.